iPhone 4S – Deliciously classy and feature packed

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Apple iPhone 4S takes on the previous ruler iPhone 4S deals with some more pep and smart underneath tweaks, without really gaining any extra noticeable weight. Its 3.5 inch Retina Display with 325ppi density is quite a cool thing to behold. It packs a superior and faster processor with A5 chip that opens ups your apps quickly. Its 8 MP camera is enhanced with advanced optic techs like backside illumination, face detection and natural color balance which simply means you will get superior quality snaps all the time.

This classy slab of gadgetry has rounded metal band along the edges that lend it a trendy look. The cracking little gizmo offers more apps, multimedia features and engaging games than you can shake a stick at, and is a real fun to use. While opinions differ on what should be optimal girth of a smart phone, iPhone 4S has great size of 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm for those who have moderately proportioned hands. The gizmo is loaded with advanced software and improved hardware to keep you organized and cleverly connected with the world. Not to be left behind, retailers have announced lucrative iPhone 4S deals for the users on its various variants like Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB White contract, Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB Black contract, Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB Black deals and Apple iPhone 4, wherefrom you can get your device under contract or PayG deals with free incentives and other benefits.

Siri – Intelligent voice controlled assistant at your command

Apple wants you to be excited over Siri, a pretty cool and sophisticated voice controlled digital assistant that lives beneath the touch sensitive interface of Apple iPhone 4S 16GB Black contract . Intelligent Bionic brain of Siri can understand the meaning of complex phrases like “What is £125 in US dollars?” or “Get me directions to Times Square”. Siri is smart enough to understand what you want, whereas voice recognition systems of other gadgets like Samsung Galaxy S2 expect you to be smart enough to figure out what “they” want.

It can do a huge number of things for you like sending emails and text messages, or locating an ATM or restaurant on the way. It is not that all this could not be done by voice commands on other handsets like Samsung Galaxy S2, but what makes Siri stand apart is its ability to understand the right context of casually spoken sentences. The device comes with same exterior antenna layout of CDMA Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White contract but how it works with these antennas has completed changed. The new iPhone 4S can instantly switches between these exterior antennas in real time, even when you are in the middle of a call.

When the Apple iPhone 4S was released, it caused rival camps to scrabble frantically to conjure up with something equally cool. In other words, it was way ahead of similarly priced handsets in its category since the start. The mobile is still way ahead of the competition but the gap has narrowed down significantly with Android and Windows phones becoming more accessible.

Though after living with a 4.2 inch or larger devices, peeping into the digital world with a 3.5 inch portal of iPhone 4S may appear a little narrow & conservative, and trickle the fancy of those looking for something more progressive, nevertheless Apple iPhone 4S may have you gawking at your mobile anything.


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