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Thursday, November 17, 2011
Apple fans were caught by surprise when they were offered iPhone 4S instead of the much hyped iPhone 5. However, the device did not leave anyone disappointed as its faster processor downloads websites and web pages within seconds for you. The swipable home screen of the device features useful icons and apps which you can easily sort into folders and then edit also. Double tapping of the home button will let you see all your open applications so that you can quickly multitask whenever required. The phone book of the handset allows you to add photos or addresses with your contact entries. Larger aperture and backlit illumination of the 8MP camera of iPhone 4S makes even low lit pictures bright enough to be visible to all.

High dynamic range (HDR) imaging technology of iPhone 4S allows you to capture best photo whenever you click one. Full HD video recordings by the handset are further enhanced with anti-shake functionality that really works well when you have to record videos while you are walking or are on a moving platform like a jeep or motor boat. Long pressing of the home button of Apple iPhone 4S will pop up Siri voice recognition app for you. The app allows you to achieve several tasks like sending a message, creating a reminder, playing your favorite number or setting alarm clock with your speech alone. Genius app of the handset will pop up playlist of your most favorite songs with a single tap of a button. Siri also allows you to shuffle tracks and open up your playlist with utmost ease.

Cool handsets with excellent features

Apple has changed the design of the device to dual band aerial, which is pretty cool compared to its earlier version of antenna gate type. The bottom of the device has dual speakers and connector slot, while its right hand side holds slot for micro SIM card. The Retina Display of the gadget delivers eye popping quality picture and videos. iMessage app of the device allows you to send free messages and see the other person typing during live chat. The mobile comes loaded with many useful apps like noise cancellation, Twitter integration, image editor, TV Out and voice commands.

Three versions of Apple iPhone 4S viz. Apple iPhone 4S 16GB Black Contract, Apple iPhone 4S 16GB, White and Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB Black Contract have already been rolled into the markets. The handsets have got accolades from the users, as always. Attractive incentives and free gifts are being offered on contract and PayG connections of iPhone 4S by all leading network providers.

You may pick up your swanky Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White Contract handset from the stores now, and believe us, you won’t regret to have it as iPhone 4S is the most remarkable piece that Apple has created so far.


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